We work tirelessly to ensure you enjoy our products and services to the fullest extent. With that, we take responsibility in doing our best to keep you updated on the proper use of our products to enrich your experiences and avoid accidents of any kind.

We do not take responsibility for any misuse of our products. Examples of misuse are written below and are not limited to the list.

Below you will find the DOs and DON`Ts you must be aware of before using our oil blends and/or those made by other companies.

  • Never put oil blends in your ears, eyes or nose.

  • Do not ingest oil blends.

  • Do not make our products accessible to children and pets. Residue from the oils may remain on the outside of the bottle from handling after use. Children/pets could get the residue on skin, nose, ears, or mouth and cause pain or injury.

  • People with allergies must be cautious before use and read carefully the list of ingredients for each of the products.

  • Some oils, including most Citrus, Bergamot, and Petitgrain are phototoxic. Do not apply our products containing these and similar ingredients directly on skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight within 24-48 hours. Never assume an essential oil possesses the same properties as its plant.

  • Do not leave oil blends in extreme temperatures (hot cars, freezer, near windows).

  • Do not place oil blends in direct sunlight.

  • Do not leave the lids off the oil blends` bottles. This action will speed up the oxidation causing the oil to loose its potency.

  • Do not boil or heat the oil blends in anyway to distribute them aromatically. The blends are likely to lose its potency.

  • Do not use oils in a hot tub/bath.

  • Use caution when applying oil blends to skin that has been exposed to personal care products and cleansers containing petrochemicals or other synthetic chemicals. The petrochemical-based products can penetrate and remain on skin and fatty tissues for days or weeks after use. Essential oils and oil blends may react with these chemicals and cause skin irritation, headaches, nausea, and other unpleasant effects.

  • Essential oils and oil blends can react with toxins that have built up in the body from chemicals in food, water, and the environment. If you experience a reaction, stop using the products and see a specialist. 




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